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A Black-owned 
local business

"I AM MOTHERLESS" is a website that aims to connect with African-Americans who feel disconnected from their roots and culture due to being removed from Africa, the Motherland. The website is created by Gerard Barnes who offers a unique after-shower moisturizer made with 99% Shea Butter and 1% Attar oil. His proprietary formula sets his product apart from others in the market. Barnes has built strong and lasting relationships with his customers. He aims to become the #1 go-to after-shower moisturizer brand by providing high-quality products fused with his African heritage.


Gerard Barnes CEO I AM MOTHERLESS LLC The Shea Butter Man
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Discounts and Free Products

You can choose your delivery of your FREE 8oz Jar. Here I give you the chance to decide what works for you and not the other way around.

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Loyal customers can referr a friend. When that referral makes a purchase, the person who is referred receives 50% off next purchase and the customer who referred them receives 100% off next 8oz Jar purchase.

Referral Program

Post a testimony and you will be sent a promo code that will allow you to receive a FREE 8oz Jar. This is my most important promotion because it helps future customers understand what our product is all about.

Testimonial Posting

I have created this so you can turn your purchase into points that can be spent on your next purchase. Look at this as buy jars to get future FREE jars. Easy right?

Loyalty Program

First you must have your Date of Birth input into our system as a paid customer. We'll do the rest from there giving you your Free Jar Discount Code so you can celebrate your Birthday month with a FREE 8oz Jar.

Zodiac Appreciation
The ultimate experience of a shea butter moisturizer in an 8oz jar

My Mothers Love in a Jar

Have you ever felt the desire to share something special with someone you care about? I have been thinking about how I can share my mother's touch with my Loyal Customers. It's a beautiful feeling to be able to pass on a memory or experience to other people. Do you have any ideas on how to duplicate that feeling and share it with my loved one? My mother, she was extremely gentle, sensitive, sweet, amazing, festive, and proud, and I needed to incorporate all of those attributes into a product. How can I put magic in a jar? Here it is, you'll Thank me later.
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