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motherless: (mu-tha-less), - being removed from ones mother. African Americans are removed from Africa, the Motherland. That makes us all "Motherless".

I know that living with cancer is a challenging journey that involves a lot of physical and emotional hardships. The treatment process is particularly arduous, with chemotherapy sessions and radiation therapy taking a toll on the patient's body. Amidst all this, cancer patients need access to safe and non-toxic cosmetics that are gentle on their skin.


Dry Skin Relief

Dry Scalp

Skin Rash - (including diaper rash)

Skin Peeling

Blemishes & Wrinkles

Itching Skin due to dryness


Razor Burn

Skin Cracks

Tough Skin on Feet (especially heels)

Stretch Marks

Minor Burns


Reduces Blemishes and Scarring

Eliminate Scalp Irritation From Dryness

Prevent Bumps From Shaving

Reduce Acne (especially with Black Soap)

Restores Elasticity To Skin

Restores Luster to Hair


 Free 8oz Jar -Moisturizer

We are in the fight for cancer with you. To show that we stand with you, I AM MOTHERLESS LLC is offering you a FREE Jar of our topical moisturizer to help you with your hands, feet, face, and every part of your body because we understand dry skin develops and occurs during and after your treatment. A Black business with a black product made for black skin fighting everything from eczema to itchy scalp, even stretch mark removal.


Trusted Product

Heading 1

African American women fighting cancer
Topical moisturizer for African American cancer fighting patients.



40% Promo Code: FIGHTCANCER2024

Topical for cancer survivor patients
Complete moisturizer set, 4oz jars, 8oz jars and 16oz jars. All natural shea butter products for dry skin, eczema, itchy scalp, razor bumps.
Topical moisturizer wholesale and white label
Best overall Topical

Our Proprietary Formula allows us to seperate ourselves from the pack because we have African Americans in mind when it comes to skin care.

Best budget moisturizer

We pride ourselves on  being a proving product within your budget because we do not pack all of the ingredients as the others.

Best for Face, Body, and Hands

Simply put, our moisturizer can be used on every part of your body. Let's be clear: it's edible. Who else can say that?

Alcohol, Perfume Free

What's the point of providing a product that causes more harm or gives you,  a cancer patient doubt. We just don't worry about that and neither should you.

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